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About custom domains and GitHub Pages

Páginas de GitHub supports using custom domains, or changing the root of your site's URL from the default, like, to any domain you own.

Páginas de GitHub se encuentra disponible en repositorios públicos con GitHub gratis y en repositorios privados y públicos con GitHub Pro, Equipo de GitHub, Nube de GitHub Enterprise y Servidor de GitHub Enterprise. Para obtener más información, consulta "Productos de GitHub."

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Supported custom domains

Páginas de GitHub works with two types of domains: subdomains and apex domains. For a list of unsupported custom domains, see "Troubleshooting custom domains and Páginas de GitHub."

Tipo de dominio personalizado compatible Ejemplo
subdominio www
Custom subdomain
Dominio apex

You can set up either or both types of custom domains for your site. We recommend always using a www subdomain, even if you also use an apex domain. For more information, see "Using an apex domain for your Páginas de GitHub site."

After you configure a custom domain for a user or organization site, the custom domain will replace the <user> or <organization> portion of the URL for any project sites owned by the account that do not a custom domain configured. For example, if the custom domain for your user site is, and you have a project site with no custom domain configured that is published from a repository called octo-project, the Páginas de GitHub site for that repository will be available at

Using a subdomain for your Páginas de GitHub site

A subdomain is the part of a URL before the root domain. You can configure your subdomain as www or as a distinct section of your site, like

Subdomains are configured with a CNAME record through your DNS provider. For more information, see "Managing a custom domain for your Páginas de GitHub site."

Subdominios www

A www subdomain is the most commonly used type of subdomain. For example, includes a www subdomain.

www subdomains are the most stable type of custom domain because www subdomains are not affected by changes to the IP addresses of GitHub's servers. Your site will also load faster because Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection can be implemented more efficiently.

Subdominios personalizados

A custom subdomain is a type of subdomain that doesn't use the standard www subdomain. Custom subdomains are mostly used when you want two distinct sections of your site. For example, you can create a site called and customize that section independently from

Using an apex domain for your Páginas de GitHub site

An apex domain is a custom domain that does not contain a subdomain, such as Apex domains are also known as base, bare, naked, root apex, or zone apex domains.

An apex domain is configured with an A, ALIAS, or ANAME record through your DNS provider. For more information, see "Managing a custom domain for your Páginas de GitHub site."

If you are using an apex domain as your custom domain, we recommend also setting up a www subdomain. If you configure the correct records for each domain type through your DNS provider, Páginas de GitHub will automatically create redirects between the domains. For example, if you configure as your custom domain for your site, and you have ALIAS and CNAME records set up for the www and apex domains, then will redirect to For more information, see "Managing a custom domain for your Páginas de GitHub site."

Actualizar dominios personalizados cuando tu sitio de Páginas de GitHub está inhabilitado

If your Páginas de GitHub site is disabled but has a custom domain set up, you should immediately update or remove your DNS records with your DNS provider to avoid the risk of a domain takeover. Having a custom domain configured with your DNS provider while your site is disabled could result in someone else hosting a site on one of your subdomains. Para obtener más información, consulta "Administrar un dominio personalizado para tu sitio de Páginas de GitHub".

There are a couple of reasons your site might be automatically disabled.

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