GitHub Enterprise 2.11 includes an upgrade to Elasticsearch 2.4. To prepare the appliance for upgrade, you'll need to use the migration script.

If you upgrade to GitHub Enterprise 2.11 without running the migration script, mappings in Elasticsearch indexes may become invalid. To run the migration script, your GitHub Enterprise appliance must be running GitHub Enterprise 2.9 or later.

Preparing a GitHub Enterprise 2.9.10, 2.10.5, or later appliance

  1. Run the migration script:

Preparing a GitHub Enterprise 2.9.0-2.9.9 or 2.10.0-2.10.4 appliance

  1. Download the migration script to the appliance:

    curl -s -o "es-transition-tools.tar.gz" \
  2. Extract the archive:

    sudo tar xfz es-transition-tools.tar.gz -C /
  3. Run the migration script:

    $ /usr/local/share/enterprise/