About archiving content and data on GitHub

You can archive content and data on GitHub for other people to view and reference.

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Persistence of public repositories

GitHub intends to keep your public repositories available unless you remove them. In some cases, we may make public content unavailable, for example if:

Academics and researchers can reference this information in data management plans.

Third-party archival projects

Several third-party projects use the GitHub API to archive all public repositories on GitHub and make the data accessible to anyone:

Responsible use of archives includes respecting users' privacy. For more information, see "Public information on GitHub."

Adding an open source license to increase archivability

Libraries and researchers may require legal protections to create archives of publicly available content. If you want third parties to consider your work on GitHub for archiving, you can add an open source license to your projects. An open source license gives contributors explicit permissions to copy and distribute the material in your repositories.

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