Article version: Enterprise Server 2.18

Upgrade requirements

Before upgrading GitHub Enterprise Server, review these recommendations and requirements to plan your upgrade strategy.


  • To upgrade from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.348 through 11.10.354, you must first migrate to GitHub Enterprise 2.1.23. For more information, see "Migrating from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.x to 2.1.23."
  • Upgrade packages are available at for supported versions. Verify the availability of the upgrade packages you will need to complete the upgrade. If a package is not available, contact GitHub Enterprise Support or GitHub Premium Support for assistance.
  • If you're using GitHub Enterprise Server Clustering, see "Upgrading a cluster" in the GitHub Enterprise Server Clustering Guide for specific instructions unique to clustering.
  • The release notes for GitHub Enterprise Server provide a comprehensive list of new features for every version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For more information, see the releases page.



After reviewing these recommendations and requirements, you can upgrade GitHub Enterprise Server. For more information, see "Upgrading GitHub Enterprise Server."

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