Article version: Enterprise Server 2.15

Managing your stars

You can search, sort, and filter your starred repositories on your stars page (https://[hostname]/stars).

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Note: You can access your stars page from your profile page.

Searching stars

Searching through stars

You can use the search bar to quickly find repositories you've starred. The search bar only searches based on the name of a repository, and not on any other qualifiers (such as the size of the repository or when it was last updated).

Sorting stars

Sorting stars

In the upper-right corner of your stars page, you can sort your stars in three different ways:

Recently starred
This orders your starred repositories by when you starred them.
Recently active
This orders your starred repositories by when they were last updated.
Most stars
This orders your starred repositories by their number of stars.

Filtering stars

On the right side of the page, you can filter your list of starred repositories based on their language.

Filter stars by language

Browsing your friends' stars

In the lower-right corner of the page, you can also browse your friends' stars. You can use this to find new repositories to star.

Viewing your friends' stars

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