Article version: Enterprise Server 2.14

This version of GitHub Enterprise will be discontinued on This version of GitHub Enterprise was discontinued on 2019-07-12. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Managing your notifications

To make it easier to receive the notifications you're interested in, you can mark notifications as read, subscribe and unsubscribe from notifications, and watch and unwatch repositories.

Marking notifications as read

You can mark web notifications as read without reviewing them. If an update is made to the conversation, you'll receive a new notification.

Subscribing to and unsubscribing from notifications

You can subscribe to individual conversations in issues, pull requests, and team discussions, even if you're not watching the repository or a member of the team where the conversation is occurring. If you're no longer interested in a conversation, you can unsubscribe or customize the types of notifications you receive.

Watching and unwatching repositories

You can watch a repository to receive notifications for new pull requests and issues that are created. You can also unwatch a repository if you no longer want to receive notifications for that specific repository.

Watching and unwatching team discussions

You can watch a team to receive notifications for team discussions. You can unwatch a team if you no longer want to receive notifications for that team's discussions.

Listing the repositories you're watching

You can get an overview of all the repositories you're watching so that you can easily remove any you're no longer interested in receiving notifications for.

About email notifications for pushes to your repository

You can choose to automatically send email notifications to a specific email address when anyone pushes to the repository.

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