Setting up GitHub Desktop

Install GitHub Desktop, connect your GitHub or GitHub Enterprise accounts, and set your Git configuration.

Installing GitHub Desktop

You can install GitHub Desktop on supported Microsoft Windows or OS X operating systems.

Authenticating to GitHub

Add your or GitHub Enterprise account information to GitHub Desktop so you can access your repositories. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you'll be asked to provide a 2FA code along with your password when you sign in to GitHub Desktop.

Authenticating to GitHub using the browser

You can use the web authentication flow to sign in to GitHub Desktop.

Configuring Git for GitHub Desktop

If you don't already have Git installed, you must configure it before using GitHub Desktop.

Configuring a default editor

You can set up your favorite editor, such as Atom, to make changes to your project.

About the GitHub Desktop Windows Installer package

As a network administrator, you can use the Windows Installer package file (.msi) with Group Policy or another remote installation system to deploy GitHub Desktop to computers running Microsoft Windows on an Active Directory managed network.

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