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Permission levels for user-owned project boards

A project board owned by a user account has two permission levels: the project board owner and collaborators.

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Permissions overview

There is only one owner of a user-owned project board; this permission cannot be shared with another user account. In addition to the owner, other people can collaborate on project boards.

There are three levels of permissions for project board collaborators:

Owner and admin permissions for a user-owned project board

The project board owner and collaborators with admin access have full control of the project board. In addition to all the permissions allowed by project board collaborators, a project board owner and collaborator with admin access can:

Read and write permissions for a user-owned project board

Collaborators with read access to a user-owned project board can:

Collaborators with write access to a user-owned project board can:

Project board visibility

You can change the project board's visibility from private to public and back again. By default, user-owned project boards are private. For more information, see "Changing project board visibility."

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