GitHub's billing plans

GitHub offers free and paid products with a variety of features and tools for every developer or team.

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About GitHub's billing plans

GitHub offers free and paid options for user and organization accounts. You can also purchase other features and products with your existing GitHub payment information. For more information, see "About billing on GitHub."

You can see pricing and a full list of features for each billing plan at GitHub does not offer custom plans.

You can upgrade or downgrade your billing plan at any time. For more information, see "Managing billing for your GitHub account."

Tip: GitHub has programs for verified students and academic faculty, which include academic discounts. For more information, visit GitHub Education.

Billing plans for personal accounts

Everyone who creates a personal account gets GitHub Free, and can upgrade to GitHub Pro. Every user account can own unlimited public repositories with a full set of features and invite an unlimited number of collaborators to public repositories.

With GitHub Free, you can use unlimited free private repositories with a limited feature set and add up to three other people as repository collaborators. To get unlimited private repositories with unlimited collaborators, you can upgrade to GitHub Pro.

In addition to the features available with GitHub Free, private repositories on GitHub Pro include:

Billing plans for organizations

GitHub Team for Open Source

You can collaborate on unlimited public repositories with a full feature set and unlimited collaborators in a free organization on GitHub Team for Open Source.

To collaborate in private repositories or access additional features, you can upgrade to GitHub Team or GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

GitHub Team

Using GitHub Team, you can:

GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise comes with two deployment options: cloud-hosted and self-hosted.

With GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can use every feature available with GitHub Team, plus:

For more information, see "GitHub Enterprise Cloud support" and "GitHub Enterprise Cloud Addendum."

For more information about hosting your own instance of GitHub Enterprise Server, contact GitHub's Sales team.

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