Editing your sponsored developer profile

You can update the information that potential sponsors see about your work.

Note: Anyone with a GitHub account can become a sponsor. For sponsored developers, GitHub Sponsors is in limited beta and subject to change.

Your sponsored developer profile includes a list of repositories that reflect your work on GitHub. If you have pinned repositories to your GitHub profile, those repositories will be featured on your sponsored developer profile, too. If you don't have any pinned repositories, your sponsored developer profile will feature the most popular repositories owned by your user account. For more information, see "Pinning items to your profile."

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub, click your profile photo, then click Your profile.

    Profile photo

  2. Under your name, click Sponsors dashboard.

    Sponsors dashboard button

  3. On the left sidebar, click Profile.

    Profile tab

  4. Under "Introduction", type a description of the work you'll do with your sponsorships.

    Introduction text field

  5. Click Save.

    Save button

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