About GitHub Support

GitHub Support can help you troubleshoot issues you run into while using GitHub.

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About GitHub Support

All GitHub.com products include GitHub Support in English, by email.

To see if there are currently any incidents affecting services on GitHub, or to subscribe and receive notifications of future status updates, visit GitHub's Status Page.

GitHub Enterprise Cloud also includes a target eight-hour response time for priority support requests. For more information, see "GitHub Enterprise Cloud support."

GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers can sign up for GitHub Premium Support. In addition to all of the benefits of GitHub Support, GitHub Premium Support offers:

For more information, see "About GitHub Premium Support for GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

Contacting GitHub Support

You can contact GitHub Support or GitHub Premium Support anytime.

For more information about contacting GitHub Premium Support, see "About GitHub Premium Support for GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

Granting GitHub Support temporary access to a private repository

If GitHub Support needs to access a private repository to address your support request, the owner of the repository will receive an email with a link to accept or decline temporary access. The owner will have 20 days to accept or decline the request before the request expires. If the owner accepts the request, GitHub Support will have access the repository for five days.

GitHub Support will never access your private repositories without your explicit consent. For more information, see the Terms of Service.

Ask and answer questions in the GitHub Community Forum

You can connect with developers around the world in the GitHub Community Forum to ask and answer questions, learn, and interact directly with GitHub staff.

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