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If you provide value to an open source project, you can become a sponsored developer to receive payments for your work.

Note: Anyone with a GitHub account can become a sponsor. For sponsored developers, GitHub Sponsors is in limited beta and subject to change.

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Joining GitHub Sponsors

There are a small number of sponsored developers currently participating in the limited beta. Anyone who contributes to an open source project is eligible to become a sponsored developer in the future. Contributions include but are not limited to bug reports, issue triage, code, documentation, leadership, business development, project management, mentorship, and design. To request access to the next beta phase for sponsored developers, join the waitlist at GitHub Sponsors.

You can also recommend developers to participate in the limited beta. Send an email to opensource@github.com with a link to the developer's GitHub profile and optionally their contact information.

After you become a sponsored developer, you can add a sponsor button to the open source repository you contribute to, to increase the visibility of your GitHub Sponsors profile and other funding platforms. For more information, see "Displaying a sponsor button in your repository."

Sponsorship tiers

Sponsored developers can create up to ten sponsorship tiers for sponsors to choose from. Each tier has its own monthly payment amount and benefits, such as receiving early access to new versions or being featured in the project's README.

Once you have a sponsor on a tier, you can't edit the price of that tier. Instead, you must retire the tier and create a new tier. Existing sponsors will remain on the retired tier until they change their sponsorship tier or cancel their sponsorship. For more information, see "Becoming a sponsored developer" and "Changing your sponsorship tiers."

Sponsorship payouts

To supercharge community funding, GitHub created the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund, which matches up to $5000 per sponsored developer in their first year of sponsorship. In the first year, GitHub will not charge any fees, so 100% of sponsorships will go to the sponsored developer. In the future, we may charge a nominal processing fee.

You will be eligible for payment 90 days after the first person sponsors you. After this period, GitHub will issue a payment to you for any month that your balance reaches $100 USD. Contributions from the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund do not count towards this threshold.

Payments are sent through Stripe Connect, ACH transfer, or wire transfer to the bank account you provide while applying for GitHub Sponsors. If you are paid through Stripe Connect, you will receive payments on the 22nd of the month for your balance at the end of the previous month. If you are paid through ACH transfer or wire transfer, you will receive payments on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

If your balance is below $100 at the end of the month, the balance will accrue until the next time your balance is above the threshold at the end of the month. If you leave GitHub Sponsors, GitHub will issue a payment for your remaining balance even if the balance is below $100. For more information, see "Becoming a sponsored developer."

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