About GitHub Sponsors

GitHub Sponsors allows the developer community to financially support the people who design, build, and maintain the open source projects they depend on, directly on GitHub.

Note: Anyone with a GitHub account can become a sponsor. For sponsored developers, GitHub Sponsors is in limited beta and subject to change.

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About GitHub Sponsors

Anyone with a GitHub account can sponsor anyone with a sponsored developer profile through a recurring monthly payment. You can choose from multiple sponsorship tiers, with monthly payment amounts and benefits that are set by the sponsored developer. Your sponsorship will share your account's existing billing date, payment method, and receipt. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Sponsors."

There are a small number of sponsored developers currently participating in the limited beta. Anyone who contributes to an open source project is eligible to become a sponsored developer in the future. Contributions include but are not limited to bug reports, issue triage, code, documentation, leadership, business development, project management, mentorship, and design. To request access to the next beta phase for sponsored developers, join the waitlist at GitHub Sponsors.

About the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund

To supercharge community funding, GitHub created the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund, which matches up to $5000 per sponsored developer in their first year of sponsorship. In the first year, GitHub will not charge any fees, so 100% of sponsorships will go to the sponsored developer. In the future, we may charge a nominal processing fee.

Sharing feedback about GitHub Sponsors

We're launching GitHub Sponsors in beta with a simple feature set so that we can incorporate community feedback as we scale the program. This is just the beginning—we'd love your input to make sure GitHub Sponsors serves your needs into the future. Please email opensource@github.com with feedback or suggestions.

Currently, only individual users can sponsor developers. If your organization is interested in sponsoring developers, please let us know by emailing opensource@github.com.

GitHub is exploring ways to introduce sponsorships for teams of people that work on a single project. If you'd like to join our sponsored teams advisory panel, email opensource@github.com with the subject line [GitHub Sponsors] Interested in the Sponsored Teams Advisory Panel. Please include:

You can also recommend developers to participate in the limited beta. Send an email to opensource@github.com with a link to the developer's GitHub profile and optionally their contact information.

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