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About email notifications for pushes to your repository

People with admin permissions in a repository can choose to automatically send email notifications to a specific email address when anyone pushes to the repository.

Each email notification for a push to a repository lists the new commits and links to a diff containing just those commits. In the email notification you'll see:

You can filter email notifications you receive for pushes to a repository. For more information, see "About notification emails." You can also turn off email notifications for pushes. For more information, see "Choosing the delivery method for your notifications."

Enabling email notifications for pushes to your repository

  1. On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Settings.

    Repository settings button

  3. Click Notifications.

    Notifications button in sidebar

  4. Type up to two email addresses, separated by whitespace, where you'd like notifications to be sent. If you'd like to send emails to more than two accounts, set one of the email addresses to a group email address.

    Email address textbox

  5. If you operate your own server, you can verify the integrity of emails via the Secret token. This token is sent with the email as the Approved header. If the Approved header matches the token you sent, you can trust that the email is from GitHub.

    Email secret textbox

  6. Optionally, select Send from author to have emails delivered using the committer's email address. Otherwise, emails are sent from

    Email author checkbox

  7. Click Save settings.

    Save settings button

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