As commits are pushed to your project on GitHub, you can keep your local copy of the project in sync with the remote repository.

You must sync your local branch with the remote repository to get any additional commits that have been added to the upstream branch since you originally created your branch.

Update your local branch

  1. In GitHub Desktop, switch to the local branch you want to update by clicking Current Branch and selecting the branch from the list.
  2. Click Fetch origin to update your branch. The Fetch origin button
  3. If there are commits on the remote branch, you can pull these by clicking Pull origin. The Pull origin button

Merge another branch into your project branch

Note: Commits from branches on the remote repository can cause merge conflicts if they change the same line in a file you're working on in your project branch. For more information on resolving merge conflicts, see "Resolving a merge conflict on GitHub."

  1. Click History. The history tab selected in the sidebar

  2. Select or type the name of the branch you want to merge into your project branch. List of branches to compare with

  3. Click Merge into BRANCH. The Merge button
  4. Click Push origin to push your changes to the remote. The Push button