Review common reasons that applications for an educator or researcher discount are denied and learn tips for reapplying successfully.

Unclear proof of affiliation documents

If the image or document you uploaded doesn't clearly identify your current employment with a school or university, you must reapply by uploading an image of your faculty ID or employment verification letter with clear information.

Using an academic email with an unverified domain

If your academic email address has an unverified domain, you must reapply by uploading proof of your current employment. When you reapply, use the "Upload proof of current school affiliation" drop-down option and upload an image of your faculty ID or employment verification letter.

I do not have a school-issued email drop-down menu option

Non-student applying for Student Developer Pack

If you're a not a student, you're not eligible for the partner offers that come with the Student Developer Pack. You can reapply for an applicable discount.

Using the wrong account type

To successfully apply for a discount for your classroom or school club, you must apply using an organization account. You can create an organization account on the free plan and if your discount request is approved, your organization will be automatically upgraded to the Team plan. For more information, see "Creating a new organization from scratch."

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