Watching a repository lets you follow new commits, pull requests, and issues that are created.

Any time you receive new notifications, the Notification icon in the upper left corner of the screen will light up. If you've configured it in your Settings, you'll also receive an e-mail notification.

Watching Repositories

You can receive notifications for any repository which you have access to by clicking the Watch button at the top of a repository page.

You will automatically watch any repositories which you create, or that are created for your team in an organization.

Unwatching Repositories

To stop receiving notifications for a repository, click the Unwatch button at the top of a repository's page.

If another user @mentions you, or a team you're on, you'll still receive a notification.

This is a great option when following a repository within your organization, as it helps to cut down the noise.

Ignoring Repositories

If you choose to ignore a repository, you won't receive any notifications, even if you're mentioned. Use this option in the extremely rare circumstances when you really don't care about a project.

Listing watched repositories

Navigate to Watched Repositories to get a list of repositories you're watching. This is also the easiest way to unwatch lots of repositories at once, rather than navigating to each repo.

Viewing Notifications

You can view notifications either on the web or via email.

To control how notifications are sent to you across all your watched repositories, visit your notification settings page.