You can upgrade your organization's GitHub Marketplace app to a different plan at any time.

When you upgrade an app, your payment method is charged a prorated amount based on the time remaining until your next billing date. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Marketplace."

Tip: If the app you want to install requires organization-level access, then only an organization owner can purchase, install, cancel the app, and manage app billing for the organization. If the app you want to install doesn't require organization-level access, then a repository administrator can install, and uninstall the app.

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub, click your profile photo, then click Your profile. Profile photo

  2. On the left side of your profile page, under "Organizations", click the icon for your organization. organization icons

  3. Under your organization name, click Settings. Organization settings button

  4. In your organization's Settings sidebar, click Billing. Billing settings

  5. In the "Marketplace Purchases" section, next to the app you'd like to upgrade, click Edit. Edit link in the Marketplace Purchases section of your personal account's billing settings

  6. Under "Edit your plan," use the drop-down menu, and click on a new plan. Drop-down menu listing all of the app's available plans

  7. If you chose a unit plan, type a new quantity. Field to enter a new quantity for a unit plan

  8. Review the information about your new plan and billing information, then click Issue plan changes. Summary of your old plan, new plan, and billing information, and Issue plan changes button