Private repositories on your account are locked when you downgrade your paid account to a free one, or if your paid account is seriously past due because of billing problems.

When your account is locked, your private repositories cannot be accessed until paid status is resumed. They won't ever be made public, nor will they be automatically deleted.

However, after a period of nonpayment, GitHub reserves the right to delete content from locked repositories.

GitHub wants to be helpful!

  • We do not ask you to pay for the time lapsed in locked mode.
  • If you need short-term access to the repositories to move them off of the account, contact GitHub Support.

Unlocking a personal account locked due to a declined payment

If your personal account was locked due to a declined payment, you'll need to update your billing information to trigger a newly authorized charge. The following articles provide more information on how to update various payment methods available to personal accounts:

If the new billing information is approved, we will immediately charge your account, and the personal account will automatically unlock when a successful payment has been made.

Unlocking a personal account locked due to a plan downgrade

If your account was locked because your plan was downgraded to free, you can:

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