If a member of your organization no longer requires access to any repositories owned by the organization, you can remove them from the organization.

Only owners or team admins can remove organization members.

Warning: When you remove a user from your organization, any private forks they have of your organization's private repositories are deleted from GitHub. They may still have local copies of those forks. However, they will be unable to sync them with your organization's repositories.

Revoking the user's membership

  1. In the top right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Your profile. Profile photo

  2. On the left side of your profile page, under "Organizations", click the icon for your organization. organization icons

  3. Under your organization name, click People. The People tab

  4. Next to the name of the users you want to remove from the organization, click the check box. Remove user checkbox

  5. At the top of the page, under the organization name, click Remove from organization. Remove from organization button