You can manage your personal account's payment information and plan duration.

Updating your personal account's payment method

You can update the credit card or PayPal account that we use to bill your account at any time.

Switching payment methods for your personal account

You can change how you're paying for GitHub at any time.

Removing a payment method associated with your user account

If you're already paying for your GitHub subscription with a coupon, and you aren't using your payment method for any other paid features or products on GitHub, you can remove your credit card or PayPal information.

Switching between monthly and yearly billing for your personal account

Choose to pay for your personal account on a monthly or yearly billing cycle, depending on your needs.

Redeeming a coupon for your personal account

With a coupon code, you can apply a discount for a paid plan to your personal account.

Troubleshooting a declined credit card charge

If the credit card you use to pay for GitHub is declined, you can take several steps to ensure that your payments go through and that you are not locked out of your account.

Unlocking a locked personal account

Your private repositories are locked when you downgrade your paid account to a free one, or if your paid plan is seriously past due because of billing problems.

Discounted personal accounts

GitHub provides free and discounted personal accounts with unlimited private repositories to students, teachers, researchers, and employees of educational institutions that grant credentials.