If you're using private repositories, you can choose your payment method, adjust your payment details or billing cycle, set your billing email, and access receipts.

Paying for your GitHub user account

If you're using private repositories, you can pay for your GitHub user account in a few different ways.

Updating your personal account's credit card

You can update the credit card that we use to bill your account at any time.

Updating your personal account's PayPal information

You can update the PayPal account that we use to bill your account at any time.

Switching payment methods for your personal account

You can change how you're paying for GitHub at any time.

Removing a payment method associated with your user account

If you're paying for GitHub with a coupon, you can remove your payment information from GitHub.

Setting your personal account's billing email

Billing receipts and other emails are sent to the primary email address on the account.

Finding your personal account's next billing date

You can find out when you're next going to be billed for your GitHub plan in your personal account settings.

Downloading receipts for personal accounts

Past receipts can be downloaded at any time from your account settings page.

How can I add extra information to my personal account's receipts?

If there is specific information required by your company or country, you can add that information to your receipts.

Discounted personal accounts

GitHub provides free and discounted personal accounts with unlimited private repositories to students, teachers, researchers, and employees of educational institutions that grant credentials.