Organizations are available on the free plan and the Team and GitHub Business Cloud paid plans.

You can upgrade or downgrade your billing plan at any time.

Free plan

With the free plan, you can use organization features to collaborate on unlimited public repositories with unlimited organization membership.

Team plan

The Team plan gives you unlimited public and private repositories. You can upgrade to the Team plan for five or more paid users in your organization.

Tip: The Team plan is free for both verified teachers who use GitHub in the classroom and for academic faculty who use GitHub for non-profit academic research. For more information, see our education page.

GitHub Business Cloud

With GitHub Business Cloud, you can:

  • Collaborate on unlimited public and private repositories
  • Allow or require organization members to authenticate to GitHub using SAML SSO
  • Provision and deprovision access with SAML or SCIM

You can upgrade to GitHub Business Cloud for one or more paid users in your organization.

GitHub Business Cloud includes a service level agreement for 99.95% monthly uptime. For more information, see "GitHub GitHub Business Cloud Addendum."

GitHub Business Cloud also includes a target eight-hour response time for priority support requests, Monday to Friday in your local time zone. For more information, see "GitHub Business Cloud support."

Other paid features and products

In addition to paid plans for your GitHub account, you can purchase other features products with your existing GitHub payment information. For more information, see "GitHub's billing plans."