When editing a file, you can choose to move it anywhere within your repository, even if the directory doesn't exist.

Tip: If you try to move a file in a repository that you don’t have access to, we'll fork the project to your user account and help you send a pull request to the original repository after you commit your change.

  1. Browse to the file in your repository that you want to move.

  2. At the top of the file, click on the Edit button, to open the in-browser file editor. The edit file button

  3. Use the filename field containing the current name of your file to move the file. Moving the file location

    • To move the file into a subfolder, simply type the name of the folder you want, followed by /. Your new folder name becomes a new item in the navigation breadcrumbs.
    • To move the file into a directory above the file's current location, place your cursor at the beginning of the filename field, then either type ../ to jump up one full directory level, or type the backspace key to edit the parent folder's name.
  4. Enter a commit message describing your change, and press the Commit button to commit the change to the repository. Committing your file’s new location

In addition to changing the file location, you can also update the contents of your file, or give it a new filename in the same commit.