If you're a member of an organization, you can publicize or hide your membership, view other people's roles, and remove yourself from the organization.

Accessing an organization

To access an organization that you're a member of, you must sign in to your personal user account.

Viewing people's roles in an organization

You can view a list of the people in your organization and filter by their role. For more information on organization roles, see "Permission levels for an organization."

Requesting organization approval for third-party applications

Organization members can request that an owner approve access to organization resources for third-party applications.

Requesting organization approval for your authorized applications

If an organization member has authorized a third-party application to access their own private user data, they can request that an owner approve access for the same application to access organization resources.

Publicizing or hiding organization membership

If you'd like to tell the world which organizations you belong to, you can display the avatars of the organizations on your profile.

Removing yourself from an organization

If you're an outside collaborator or a member of an organization, you can leave the organization at any time.