Organization administrators can change several settings, including the names of repositories that belong to the organization and Owners team membership. In addition, organization admins can delete the organization and all of its repositories.

Verifying your organization's domain

You can verify the domains controlled by your organization to confirm your organization's identity on GitHub.

Renaming an organization

If your project or company has changed names, you can update the name of your organization to match.

Transferring organization ownership

To make someone else the owner of an organization account, you must add a new owner, ensure that the billing information is updated, and then remove yourself from the account.

Allowing people to fork private repositories in your organization

Organization owners can allow or prevent the forking of any private repositories owned by your organization.

Deleting an organization account

When you delete an organization, all repositories, forks of private repositories, wikis, issues, pull requests, and Project or Organization Pages are deleted as well. The organization name becomes available for use on a new user or organization account, and your billing will end.

Converting an organization into a user

It's not possible to convert an organization into a personal user account, but you can create a new user account and transfer the organization's repositories to it.

Integrating JIRA with your organization's projects

You can connect the JIRA DVCS plugin to your organization account to scan commits and pull requests, creating relevant metadata and hyperlinks in any mentioned JIRA Issues.