GitHub offers free and paid plans for every account. You can upgrade, downgrade, and view pending changes to your account's billing plan at any time.

GitHub's billing plans

GitHub provides free plans for open-source projects and paid plans offering unlimited private repositories. Organizations also can choose a paid plan with sophisticated security and administrative features.

About per-user pricing

With per-user pricing, organizations pay based on team size to access unlimited private repositories, and optionally, sophisticated user management and security features.

How does upgrading or downgrading affect the billing process?

When you upgrade the billing plan for your personal account or organization, changes are applied immediately. When you downgrade your billing plan, changes are applied at the end of your current billing cycle.

Upgrading your GitHub billing plan

You can upgrade the billing plan for any type of GitHub account at any time.

Viewing and managing pending changes to your billing plan

You can view and cancel pending changes to your billing plan and subscriptions before they take effect on your next billing date.

Downgrading your GitHub billing plan

You can downgrade your account to a different billing plan or to the free plan at any time.

Discounted billing plans

GitHub provides discounts to students, educators, educational institutions, nonprofits, and libraries.