To make sure you have access to all of our services, you should ensure that you've whitelisted the GitHub IP address range.

Current IP Addresses

We currently serve our applications via the following IP address range. This is in CIDR notation.


Additionally, TCP ports 22, 80, 443, and 9418 must be allowed via the IP range above. These IPs may change (or be added to) in the future, and we will keep this page up to date.

Service Hook IP Addresses

We highly recommend that you don't white list IPs for Service Hooks. Instead, setup HTTPS and basic authentication to verify incoming requests.

Sample IPs from RequestBin

Hooks may come from anywhere on the GitHub IP address range. We provision server and network capacity in response to changing workloads. This is in CIDR notation.


There is an API endpoint to access these IPs programmatically. Subscribe to the API Changes blog to stay current.

Upcoming IP Addresses

We also own the following block of IP addresses which will be used in the future. This page will be updated once they are in active use.

  • 2620:112:3000::/44