Some projects require distributing large files, such as binaries or installers, in addition to distributing source code. There are several low-cost services that are optimized for bulk storage and distributing large files.

We recommend that you create releases for your projects on GitHub. Releases allow you to include binary files, such as compiled programs. For more information, visit "Creating releases."

We don't limit the total size of your binary release files, nor the bandwidth used to deliver them. However, each individual file must be under 1GB in size.

Using Amazon S3

Alternatively, you can use Amazon S3 for storage, paired with CloudFront for serving via a CDN. Amazon has a great guide on Getting started with S3 that goes through the process of creating a bucket and uploading files.

If you're using OS X, there are a number of native clients available. Transmit and 3hub are two popular clients.

If you're using Windows, S3 Browser is a great free app to upload and manage your S3 files.

Once you've uploaded a file, you can insert the link to the file into your README or even into the repository description.