You can cancel and remove a GitHub Marketplace app from your organization at any time.

When you cancel an app, you immediately lose access to the app and your payment method is credited a prorated amount based on the time remaining in your subscription. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Marketplace."

Canceling an app or downgrading an app to free does not affect your other paid subcriptions on GitHub. If you want to cease all of your paid subscriptions on GitHub, you must downgrade each paid subscription separately.

Tip: Only owners can purchase, install, or cancel apps and manage app billing for an organization.

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub, click your profile photo, then click Your profile. Profile photo

  2. On the left side of your profile page, under "Organizations", click the icon for your organization. organization icons

  3. Under your organization name, click Settings. Organization settings button

  4. In your organization's Settings sidebar, click Billing. Billing settings

  5. In the "Marketplace Purchases" section, next to the app you'd like to cancel, click Cancel. Cancel link in the Marketplace Purchases section of your personal account's billing settings

  6. In the dialog box, click OK.