As a student or educator, you can apply for a free Team plan, which allows unlimited users and private repositories for your FIRST robotics team's organization account with valid proof of your team participation.

Before applying for an individual discount, check if your learning community is already partnered with us as a GitHub Education school. For more information, see "About GitHub Education."

To receive a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) discount you must have:

If your discount request is approved, your organization is automatically upgraded to your new billing plan.

After your discount expires, you may reapply for a discount if you're still eligible.

  1. Go to GitHub Education, and in the top right, click Join GitHub Education. Request a discount

  2. Select your academic role. List of academic roles

  3. Select Organization account, then click Next. Radio buttons with options to choose an individual or organization account

  4. Using the organization drop-down menu, click the organization you want to use with GitHub Education. Organization drop-down menu with octo-org selected

    Tip: If the organization you want to use doesn't exist yet, create a new organization on the open source plan, which offers free public repositories. If your discount request is approved, your organization will be automatically upgraded so your organization can have private repositories. For more information, see "Creating a new organization from scratch" and "GitHub's billing plans."

  5. To describe your organization's purpose, select Student group. Choose your organization's purpose

  6. Complete the form with information about your team. Under "Student group URL", use a link to your team page from the FIRST Robotics site. Then, click Next. Fields and radio buttons asking for information about the student group

  7. Type your name. Field for your name

  8. Verify your academic status.

    • If you have a school-issued email address, use the drop-down menu and click the desired email address. Academic email selection
    • If you don't have a school-issued email address, click upload proof of your current school affiliation. Next, upload an image of your school or faculty ID, employment verification letter, academic transcript, or other proof of affiliation that shows at least one date to prove your current academic status. Upload documents to verify your academic status

    Note: PDF files are not supported and you cannot upload them as proof of affiliation.

  9. Enter the school name. Field for your school name

  10. If you're a student, select your graduation year.

  11. Describe how you plan to use GitHub in your FIRST Robotics team and include your FRC team number and a link to a photo of a robot, banner, or something else displaying your team nickname. Description field for how you plan to use GitHub
  12. Verify your application details, then click Submit Request. Submit request button

    If your application is approved, you'll receive a confirmation email. Applications are usually processed within a few days, but it may take longer during peak times, such as during the start of a new semester.

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