If you're receiving web notifications, you can view your participating and watching notifications on the notifications page on GitHub.

For more information about the differences between participating and watching notifications, see "About notifications."

When web notifications are enabled for your account, you can click an item on your notifications page and you will be redirected to the issue, pull request, or team discussion the notification is referencing. For more information on enabling web notifications, see "Choosing the delivery method for your notifications." For more information on accessing your notifications after enabling web notifications, see "Accessing your notifications."

Tip: If you receive both web and email notifications, you can automatically sync the read or unread status of the notification so that web notifications are automatically marked as read once you've read the corresponding email notification. To enable this sync, your email client must be able to view images from 'notifications@github.com'.

From your notifications page, you can also mark notifications as read, save notifications for later, and unsubscribe from threads. For more information, see:

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