Git LFS tracks both storage and bandwidth used when large files are pushed to a repository. You won't be charged for minimal large asset support, but paid plans are available based on your storage and bandwidth usage.

Git LFS is available for every repository on GitHub, whether or not your account or organization has a paid plan.

All personal and organization accounts using Git LFS receive 1 GB of free storage and 1 GB a month of free bandwidth.

If the bandwidth and storage quotas are not enough, you can choose to purchase an additional quota for Git LFS.

Tracking storage and bandwidth use

When you commit and push a change to a file tracked with Git LFS, a new version of the entire file is pushed, and the total file size is counted against storage and bandwidth limits. For example, if you push a 500 MB file to Git LFS, you'll use 500 MB of your allotted storage and 500 MB of your bandwidth. If you make a 1 byte change to the file and push again, you'll use another 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth, bringing your total usage for these two pushes to 1 GB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth.


  • Bandwidth and storage usage only count against the repository owner's quotas. Anyone with write access to a repository can push files to Git LFS without affecting their personal bandwidth and storage quotas or purchasing data packs. Pushing large files to forks of a repository count against the parent repository's bandwidth and storage quotas.

  • Unused bandwidth doesn't roll over month-to-month.

Storage quota

If you use more than 1 GB of storage without purchasing a data pack, you can still clone repositories with large assets, but you will only retrieve the pointer files, and you will not be able to push new files back up.

Bandwidth quota

If you use more than 1 GB of bandwidth per month without purchasing a data pack, Git LFS support is disabled on your account until the next month.

Purchasing additional storage and bandwidth

Additional storage and bandwidth is offered in a single data pack. One data pack costs $5 per month, and provides a monthly quota of 50 GB for bandwidth and 50 GB for storage. You can purchase as many data packs as you need. For example, if you need 150 GB of storage, you'd buy three data packs.

Purchasing data packs for Git LFS is independent of any other plan on GitHub.

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