About billing for GitHub Marketplace

If you install a paid app in GitHub Marketplace, your subscription shares your account's existing billing date, payment method, and receipt.

GitHub Marketplace includes apps with free and paid pricing plans. After you purchase and install an app, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Note: This article applies to installing and purchasing apps from GitHub Marketplace only. For more information on apps purchased from integrators, see "About integrations."

Tip: If an app requires organization-level access, then only an organization owner can purchase, install, or cancel the app, and manage app billing for the organization. If the app doesn't require organization-level access, then a repository administrator can install and uninstall the app.

Payment methods and billing cycles for GitHub Marketplace purchases

You will have the same payment method for all paid plans and subscriptions across GitHub.

If your personal account or organization doesn't have a payment method on file, when you choose a paid plan for an app:

If your personal account or organization has an existing payment method, when you choose a paid plan for an app:

When you choose a paid plan with a free trial:

Unit plan limits

If you choose a unit plan (for example, a plan that charges per user), and you exceed the units that you're paying for, the integrator may disable your access until you upgrade the app. For more information, see "Upgrading the billing plan for a GitHub Marketplace app."

Downgrading a GitHub Marketplace app

If you downgrade your app subscription to a less expensive plan or if you cancel a paid app subscription, your changes will take effect at the end your current billing cycle. Your subscription will be moved to your new plan on your next billing date.

If you cancel an app on a free plan, your subscription will immediately end and you'll lose access to the app.

Canceling an app or downgrading an app to free does not affect your other paid subcriptions on GitHub. If you want to cease all of your paid subscriptions on GitHub, you must downgrade each paid subscription separately.

If you cancel a free trial on a paid plan, your subscription is immediately canceled and you will lose access to the app. For more information, see "Canceling a GitHub Marketplace app."

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