Troubleshooting email verification

If you have a problem verifying your email address, you can troubleshoot by reviewing common problems.

Unable to send verification email

You cannot verify email addresses from disposable domains. If you'd like to keep your email address private, you can use a GitHub-provided noreply email address. For more information, see "About commit email addresses."

The verification link expires after 24 hours. If you don't verify your email within 24 hours, you can request another email verification link. For more information, see "Verifying your email address."

If you click on the link in the confirmation email within 24 hours and you are directed to an error page, you should ensure that you're signed into the correct GitHub account.

  1. Sign out of your personal GitHub account.
  2. Quit and restart your browser.
  3. Sign in to your personal GitHub account.
  4. Click on the verification link in the email we sent you.

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