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Rendering CSV and TSV data

GitHub supports rendering tabular data in the form of .csv (comma-separated) and .tsv (tab-separated) files.

Rendered CSV sample

When viewed, any .csv or .tsv file committed to a GitHub repository automatically renders as an interactive table, complete with headers and row numbering. By default, we'll always assume the first row is your header row.

You can link to a particular row by clicking the row number, or select multiple rows by holding down the shift key. Just copy the URL and send it to a friend.

Searching data

If you want to find a certain value in your dataset, you can start typing in the search bar directly above the file. The rows will filter automagically:

Searching for values

Handling errors

Occasionally, you may discover that your CSV or TSV file isn't rendering. In those instances, an error box appears at the bottom of your raw text, suggesting what the error may be.

CSV render error message

Common errors include:

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