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Creating gists

You can create two kinds of gists: public and secret. Create a public gist if you're ready to share your ideas with the world or a secret gist if you're not.

If you are signed in to GitHub when you create a gist, the gist will be associated with your account and you will see it in your list of gists when you navigate to your gist home page.

Gist supports mapping GeoJSON files. These maps are displayed in embedded gists, so you can easily share and embed maps. For more information, see "Mapping GeoJSON files on GitHub" and "About gists."

Creating a gist

You can also drag and drop a text file from your desktop directly into the gist editor.

  1. Sign in to GitHub.

  2. Navigate to your gist home page.

  3. Type an optional description and name for your gist.

    Gist name description

  4. Type the text of your gist into the gist text box.

    Gist text box

  5. Do one of the following:

    Note: After creating a gist, you cannot convert it from public to secret.

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