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About notifications

Notifications provide updates about the activities and conversations you're interested in. You can receive notifications on GitHub or through your email client.

Types of notifications

The notifications you receive will either be participating notifications or watching notifications. Both types of notifications can be received as web notifications or email notifications. For more information, see:

Tip: If you receive both web and email notifications, you can automatically sync the read or unread status of the notification so that web notifications are automatically marked as read once you've read the corresponding email notification. To enable this sync, your email client must be able to view images from ''.

Participating notifications

GitHub sends participating notifications when you're directly involved in activities or conversations within a repository or a team you're a member of. You'll receive a notification when:

Watching notifications

GitHub sends watching notifications for updates in repositories or team discussions that you're watching. You automatically watch all repositories that you create and are owned by your user account. You can also choose to automatically watch all repositories that you have push access to, except forks. You can watch any other repository manually. For more information, see "Watching and unwatching repositories."

You'll receive a notification when:

You can also browse activity from people you follow, repositories you watch, and organizations you're a member of on your dashboard. For more information, see "About your personal dashboard."

Security alerts for vulnerable dependencies

If your repository has a supported dependency manifest(and if you've set up the dependency graph if it's a private repository), whenever GitHub detects a vulnerable dependency in your repository, you will receive a weekly digest email. You can also configure your security alerts as web notifications, individual email notifications, daily email digests, or alerts in the GitHub interface. For more information, see "About security alerts for vulnerable dependencies."

For more information about configuring your security alerts, see "Choosing the delivery method for your notifications."

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