About GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions enable everyone to create tasks and share them with others on GitHub.

Note: GitHub Actions is currently in public beta and subject to change.

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About GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions extend GitHub's open source network and principles across the software development lifecycle. You can use GitHub Actions to automate your workflow, express business or organization rules, or connect all of the services your project uses, from your project's repository.

You can write customized actions to interact with a repository in any way you'd like, including integrating with GitHub's APIs and any publicly available third-party API.

Add actions to your project by referencing them in your repository's workflow. Your workflows can reference actions located in your own repository, or in any public repository on GitHub.

Actions are defined in a Docker container. Actions run in an environment where they have access to the code in your repository, variables you define, and secrets you make available to the action. For more information, see "GitHub Actions" in the GitHub Developer documentation.

About workflows

Connect actions to create a workflow for your repository. Workflows run when triggered by events on GitHub or on a schedule. Your workflows can use any GitHub Action defined in a public repository on GitHub, in your repository, or in a published Docker container image.

People with write or admin access can create, view, edit, and cancel workflows for a repository. Two workflows can execute in your repository at the same time. Each workflow can contain up to 100 actions, including build and other meta steps.

Workflows are stored in a file called .github/main.workflow. You can write workflows in a text editor or using GitHub's visual editor. For more information, see "Creating a workflow with GitHub Actions."

For a complete list of configuration options, see "Workflow configuration options" in the GitHub Developer documentation.

Discovering actions across GitHub

You can write your own actions or customize your project with open-source actions shared in public repositories on GitHub. Explore public actions created by other developers in the visual editor sidebar or on GitHub Marketplace. For more information about adding actions to your workflow from GitHub Marketplace, see "Creating a workflow with GitHub Actions."

Contacting support

If you're a participant in the limited public beta, please contact GitHub Support using our contact form and the subject line "GitHub Actions."

If you're not currently participating in the limited public beta, you can request to join the limited public beta on the GitHub Actions page.

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