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Getting started with GitHub

Learning about GitHub

Signing up for GitHub

Exploring projects on GitHub

Using GitHub

Setting up and managing your GitHub user account

Managing user account settings

Managing email preferences

Managing access to your personal repositories

Managing your membership in organizations

Setting up and managing your GitHub profile

Customizing your profile

Managing contribution graphs on your profile

Authenticating to GitHub

Keeping your account and data secure

Securing your account with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Authenticating with SAML single sign-on

Connecting to GitHub with SSH

Troubleshooting SSH

Managing commit signature verification

Troubleshooting commit signature verification

Receiving notifications about activity on GitHub

Getting started with notifications

Managing your notifications

Setting up and managing organizations and teams

Collaborating with groups in organizations

Managing membership in your organization

Managing people's access to your organization with roles

Organizing members into teams

Managing access to your organization's repositories

Managing access to your organization’s project boards

Managing access to your organization's apps

Managing organization settings

Migrating to improved organization permissions

Restricting access to your organization's data

Keeping your organization secure

Managing SAML single sign-on for your organization

Granting access to your organization with SAML single sign-on

Managing Git access to your organization's repositories

Encouraging positive contributions in your organization

Setting up and managing your enterprise account

Managing your enterprise account

Managing users in your enterprise account

Managing organizations in your enterprise account

Setting policies for organizations in your enterprise account

Setting up and managing billing and payments on GitHub

Managing your GitHub billing settings

Managing billing for your GitHub account

Managing billing for GitHub Marketplace apps

Managing billing for Git Large File Storage

Managing billing for GitHub Sponsors

Setting up paid organizations for procurement companies

Writing on GitHub

Getting started with writing and formatting on GitHub

Working with advanced formatting

Working with saved replies

Editing and sharing content with Gists

Creating, cloning, and archiving repositories

Creating a repository on GitHub

Cloning a repository from GitHub

Archiving a GitHub repository

Using Git

Getting started with Git and GitHub

Learning about Git

Using common Git commands

Managing remote repositories

Using advanced Git commands

Committing changes to your project

Creating and editing commits

Viewing and comparing commits

Troubleshooting commits

Collaborating with issues and pull requests

Working with forks

Collaborating on repositories with code quality features

Proposing changes to your work with pull requests

Addressing merge conflicts

Reviewing changes in pull requests

Incorporating changes from a pull request

Managing your work on GitHub

Managing your work with issues

Labeling issues and pull requests

Managing project boards

Tracking the progress of your work with project boards

Tracking the progress of your work with milestones

Finding information in a repository

Building a strong community

Setting up your project for healthy contributions

Using issue and pull request templates

Collaborating with your team

Moderating comments and conversations

Encouraging positive contributions to your project

Documenting your project with wikis

Searching for information on GitHub

Getting started with searching on GitHub

Searching on GitHub

Importing your projects to GitHub

Importing source code to GitHub

Working with Subversion on GitHub

Administering a repository

Managing repository settings

Managing branches in your repository

Configuring pull request merges

Defining the mergeability of pull requests

Managing releases in a repository

Securing your repository

Visualizing repository data with graphs

Accessing basic repository data

Analyzing changes to a repository's content

Understanding connections between repositories

Managing security vulnerabilities

Managing security vulnerabilities in your project

Managing vulnerabilities in your project's dependencies

Managing files in a repository

Managing files on GitHub

Managing files using the command line

Working with non-code files

Managing large files

Working with large files

Versioning large files

Managing packages with GitHub Package Registry

Customizing your GitHub workflow

Exploring integrations

Purchasing and installing apps in GitHub Marketplace

Automating your workflow with GitHub Actions

Getting started with GitHub Actions

Configuring workflows

Building actions

Setting up continuous integration on GitHub

Extending GitHub

Working with GitHub Pages

Getting started with GitHub Pages

Setting up a GitHub Pages site with Jekyll

Configuring a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site

Supporting the open source community with GitHub Sponsors

Sponsoring open source developers

Receiving sponsorships as a sponsored developer

Teaching and learning with GitHub Education

Using GitHub at your educational institution

Using GitHub for your schoolwork

Using GitHub in your classroom and research

Finding talent with GitHub Jobs

Working with GitHub Support

Understanding how GitHub uses and protects your data

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